Bella Acapella

Algarve's only Barbershop Acapella chorus. For more information, to attend a rehearsal, or how to book us, contact us:


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Barbershop music – what’s that? This energetic music can blow you away with its rich sound – it is pure a cappella and offers the singer little opportunity to hide – not even behind sheet music, because barbershoppers frown on them (at least during performances) 😉

The incomparable rhythms and harmonies create sounds rich in overtones and trigger a wonderful feeling of goosebumps. The highest voice is the “tenor” and is supposed to add the “icing on the cake” to the sung chords. The melody voice is the “lead”, this is where the story of the song is told. The “baritone” moves harmoniously below or above, supporting and strengthening the lead sound.

The deepest voice is the “bass”, often largely responsible for the rhythm of the song and the root of the chords. And when everyone sings perfectly together, the overtone sounds as the 5th voice!

If you are interested in joining Bella Acapella, please take a look at the About page where you can find more information about the chorus.