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Rehearsals in lockdown

Who would have thought one year ago that we would be in lock down again. Although the outlook for the near future is more positive, the world seems to have changed forever. Social distancing, wearing masks and not being allowed to visit family and friends. Especially in difficult times we feel the need to connect with other people. Not being able to visit and hug each other might be the most difficult part of this lock down. Singing together is a very powerful way to connect with others, but how do you do that when you are not allowed to get together? Luckily, we were able to rehearse with our chorus for most of the time during the pandemic. That was wonderful but singing close harmony while socially distancing was not an easy job but it was so much better than not singing at all. Thanks to Rob, Chiel and Vuokko we started with our zoom meetings. Sharing and listen to music, duetting, section rehearsals in break out rooms, music theory, exercises and even a quiz. Learning a song with Stay at Home Choir. It is the best alternative we can imagine and it is a real pleasure and something to look forward to every week. But honestly, nothing can compare with standing all close together, see the happy faces and hear each other’s voices, giving everything we have to sing as beautiful as we can, with Rob inspiring us right in front of us. Let’s hope it is something we can do any time soon. Because I am sure we all truly miss

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