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Bella Acapella Won Gold!

In the International Barbershop Convention En Armonia 2024 in Calpe (Spain), Bella Acapella won the Gold Medal as the best chorus in the Iberian Competition. In addition we received the award for the highest score in the ´singing´ category. It was an exciting moment when we heard the speaker mentioning our name and the whole audience exploding with cheers and happiness. We are still all immensely thrilled and grateful. What a reward for all the months of hard work. We have sung Tomorrow is promised to No One (arrangement by Robert Rund) and Oh, Look at me Now (Arrangement by Aaron Dale). Our Gold Medal is backed by a score of total of 835 points (69,6%).

A Successful Friendship Concert in São Bras de Alportel

In preparation for our Spain Barbershop Convention, we had prepared an attractive set of songs. More than 100 visitors listened to us when we sung our two competition songs and showed of our amazing Chorus outfit. In addition we have presented our ´golden oldies´ like Happy together, the Climb and Hallelujah. Singing for an audience is always a bit of a stressful experience but we did great. Afterwards we received many compliments but also some valuable feed back from Berdien Stenberg, a famous Dutch professional musician with years of performance experience under her belt. All was very valuable!

Fantastic Coaching weekend with Stuart Sides

In preparation for our trip to Spain, we have invited the international renowned vocal coach Stuart Sides. He coached us a full weekend and was a great help in getting our songs to a better level. We learned about interpretation, about breathing, about conversational singing, about harmonies, listening to each other, rhythm and dynamics. Aboive all we gained in confidence, enthousiasm and friendship. Let the games begin!

Bella Acapella is going to Spain

Sun, sea, sangria & singing! Friendship and harmony too. Bella Acapella has been invited to join the International chorus competition ´En Armonia´ in Calpe (Spain). As the only Portuguese Barbershop Chorus, we will join the National & International Chorus Contest. The competition takes place in the convention hotel, the AR Diamante Beach Hotel in Calpe. Competition day is Saturday April, 6th. All places are sold out but if you want to hear our competition songs, you are welcome at our dress rehearsal concert on March 24th in São Bras de Alportel.

A two chorus experience to remember!

Igreja da Misericórdia in Tavira

A beautiful environment for this truly special event in Tavira.
We were invited to perform together with THE CONCORDIA CHOIR from California, USA . The church was filled with
beautiful voices and the audience appreciated this extraordinary performance. The guests from the States were visiting Spain and
Portugal, showing their talent in 4 concerts along their journey through both countries. Young students with a deep musical education
together with an enthusiastic conductor / musical director presented a classical repertoire in a truly captivating way.
Known for a fresh and infectious program, Bella Acapella performed a set of 6 songs inbetween the 2 sets of the Concordia Choir.

A Magical concert in the Igreja da Misericórdia (Tavira)

A church filled with a focused and smiling audience, a chorus turning its back as one lonely voice sang in this surprising opener. So it began, and it was powerful.

Proceeding with joy and energy, songs about resilience, friendship and love filled this beautiful space: “The Climb, Happy together, Isn’t She lovely and The Rhythm of love” led the way into this one hour performance.

With a little gesture from the MD, the chorus descended the stairs, surrounded him, getting closer to the audience. From here “The Water Is Wide” resonated deeply, immediately followed by the emotional “Hallelujah”. After the moody “Lullaby” the vibes changed with an amazing quartet performance of “Bring Him Home” from the French Opera, LES MISÉRABLES.

The concert finale was filled with lightness and fantasy around classical Barbershop songs including “San Francisco Bay Blues, Seven Bridges Road, Love Me and Count On Me”. To the applause of the audience, Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five” ended the show with euphoria!

And finally for the encore, former and new members were invited to sing along to “San Francisco Bay Blues”, once again showing us that sharing music brings joy, good vibrations and even goose bumps. The energy jumped to another level, when a young boy from the audience was invited to conduct this final song.


Sing Out in Loulé 28/05/2022

It was amazing, it was warmful, it was Saturday May 28, when we performed an outdoor sing out in front of a « moving » and applauding audience !
Under Rob Does direction, we are doing our best to improve and master our repertoire to which we added two new songs : Dolly Parton’s « Nine to five » and Stevie Wonder’s « Isn’t she lovely ».
This Saturday we performed them for the first time and we loved it ! The audience too, hopefully (- ;